Top 5 skills you must know for better future 2025

Now world demands more and more from people if you take any field or industry, for example if you are an software engineer you need so many skills to do your daily task like coding, networking, communicating with people involved in project etc….

Basically we need to understand the truth behind any businesses or startups that need skilled employees for competition among themselves.

In order to compete with our competitors and increase our profits, we must learn some basic skills that are ruling our generation and future also.

1.Communication skill / English language

Communication is basic for all the skills without communication skill we can’t express our thoughts collectly and can’t grow consistently.

This strongly involves oral and written communication. One should understand the demand of communication skill. It might be any form of language and we need to communicate properly.

One should understand the importance of english language that deals with majority of population in the world. Anything is possible in this world if you handle your communication better.

2.Marketing / Sales

Majority of people might be aware about this word Sales without this economy can’t move forward and we all suffer. If you are able to market or sale someone’s products or services, you will be rich soon like Amazon founder Jeff bezos. Yes this is possible if you know marketing.

3.Public speaking

It is one of the important skills that worlds are eagerly expecting from people.Mastering this skill involves more practice. Once you master this, you will be notified by others. If you are able to articulate your thoughts in front of particular group of people, you will influence others by your speech.

4 socialising / social involvements

You might think, this is not the skill but it truly depends on our today’s world is more about social media and news, the more news you know,the more you may get profited. Yes you will get some money from advertising, networking, marketing, etc. on social media platforms.

You need to get updated daily by taking involvement over social media and society. If you do so you will know how to handle any kinds of situation by forecasting future.

5.Computer knowledge/coding

Now a days computers are taking all credits for our works with computer system.Computers are everywhere and every field in the world that handle million of data in a second to process information, so future generations may be on demand of some coding and networking if you get this skill, you are able to perform well.

Source – Google and youtube.


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How to be positive

Hello friends

In today’s world we are facing so many problems in our life. We tend to loose our confidence and fail to resist on what we want and then go into some negative thoughts and do some bad things…

So we need to make positive mind to tackle such a situation in our life

Now in this circumstance we need to accept the fact that

Everything depends on the way you think


What are the dark sides of high income skills

We are in the world of competition that demands various skill sets from wide variety of people to achieve their goal on their life.

Many of you haven’t noticed some dark sides of highly overrated skills that help to earn more money in our life. If you are an optimist you might have learned how to handle some negative side of High income skills.

Does money change people?

Yes, sometimes this happens to some people. When people started earning some money we got to understand when someone is making a thousand dollars a month and suddenly they’re making three,four, five thousand dollars a month, well definitely this changes people but it doesn’t change everybody it changes certain people especially those who have never seen so much money.

Does the money make them arrogant?

Yes, of course, but not all the time, not all the people. suddenly they feel like they know it all, they are knowledgeable, they got the skill but the truth is they have only learned the skill for a short period of time. to me, even a couple of years is a short period of time. most of the people have that skill to earn more money and after making some huge amount of money then they feel like they got it all and that is very very dangerous. So I would say they become arrogant.

Can they become complacent?

Yes sometimes, if they are continuously earning some huge amount like five , six thousand dollars a month they feel like they are satisfied and they’re comfortable with the money they earned and then stop growing they stop to learn new skills at all. But it is never enough for them if you want to take care of your family, if you want to leave a legacy at all. This is definitely not enough to maintain some property and you might have some kind of medical emergency to taking care of your family and your children education at all.

It’s very easy to become complacent when you are comfortable, but when you are not comfortable, when you are struggling, yes you have got the fire in you, yes you got to fight for what you really want.

Does money stop their learning?

Sometimes this high income skill leads to put an end for their learning. If they like I have much money to lead my life then why do I learn new stuff. but this is wrong, Actually the truth is you definitely need new things to upgrade your skills and earn some money. So never stop learning.

Source- Google search and youtube videos.